Should You use Registration Services for Company Registration in Thailand?

If you are a foreigner and opt for company registration in Thailand, you will note that the process can be a bit complicated for you. That gets even more challenging if you don’t speak the local language. But there are some ways you can avoid such issues if you tackle everything in a proper and reliable manner. With that in mind, are registration services a good option or not?

It all comes down to your budget and if you have any local liaisons or not. Usually, foreigners will still need to work closely with a local entity and shareholder to create a company. Plus, the 49% ownership of shares does limit a foreigner to become the true owner of the company. That is, unless the remaining 51% is split among multiple locals.


Is it a good idea to opt for registration services?

You will note the fact that these services are created specifically by Thai lawyers with a lot of experience in the industry. As a result, they know all the tasks that you have to go through, and the entire process will be a whole lot easier because of that. What you should also keep in mind here is that the Thai lawyers who offer these services also speak English. As a result, the outcome can be very well worth it.

Plus, the registration services can make the company registration in Thailand process a whole lot faster. They can help you complete the process in around 2 weeks or so, something that would be a whole lot better when compared to doing all these things on your own.

These professionals have the legal knowledge and expertise, as well as the ability to communicate with you in English. So, they will handle the company registration in Thailand locally and also keep you up to date. Obviously, this is the type of service you want as a foreigner, and yes, there are lots of registration services offered by Thai lawyers. You should pick the best ones based on reviews, experience, recommendations and other criteria.


Are company registration services expensive?

There are multiple types of features and needs you may opt for when you use such a service. So, the pricing does differ. Some companies will need a virtual office; others need a Thailand business visa, Thailand VAT number, company bank account and so on. Plus, you may even need legal advisors as well if you want your company to run smoothly.

As you can imagine, most of these costs come as a custom offer from the registration services. But they are not that expensive and, in the grand scheme of things, you will see them as necessary if you want to start working on a powerful company. Opting for the right company registration in Thailand is a very good idea, and registration services may come in handy here. You are free to pick the right approach here, but it won’t be very hard to identify the right registration method if you have a helpful team near you. So, if you do want local help, registration services can come in handy!


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