Video Game Box Article

Welcome to the video game box article, we will be explaining how to make an interesting video game box design. We will cover placement, typography, and a cool 3d reflection. What you will need to do first is make a new canvas around w600 x h250. What I did was make a dark gradient as the background, and used some brushes with different colors and opacity to make an interesting backdrop. You can do whatever you like here, but remember for this design, the more complex the background is the better it is going to look. (In most cases, more grunge, less talk)

The background

Here is just some designs from the brush set I had, and all I did really was just play around with the blending options. I would like to go over why I did what I did. Besides from making the designs look cool with the gradients, and drop shadows. I made one larger design in the middle, and two on either side. This is to create symmetry, and thus making it look nice. Using symmetrical usually pays off, but please don’t over do it. Always make sure that each side has a balance with the other side.


The symbols

I have added more grunge to the cover, and I added the name of the game. (Which is just made up by the way!) I made it have a nice 3d effect to it, and I put a black strip behind it to really make it pop out. To achieve the 3d effect, all you have to do is do whatever blending options you want. Than rasterize the text (if it is text) go to Edit>Transform>Perspective add the 3d perspective you want to achieve to the text. Once you have the right angle of the text hold ALT on the layer and press with the arrows many times down, or right. Try this, and you will see what I mean. Play around with this cool method of the 3d effect. You will have to link all the copied layers and merge the layers (crtl+E)

The name

Here is the final design, I don’t know what game this would be, but if you were making it for an actual game you would make it make more sense. I added a bar at the bottom for a fake dvd nonsense icons. These were from a brush set as well. This is add the extra realism when we make it a 3d box in the next step.

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