Web 2.0 Logo

Web 2.0 company logo design is a term you will come across a lot when dealing with clients, and with doing company logo design. They always seem to ask “I want a web 2.0 logo design ” or a design. Web 2.0 is more about technologies (Ajax, ruby, etc etc), but there are some design elements that go under web 2.0. (At least clients seem to think so.) This is the first of a few web 2.0 logo design tutorials for company logo design. We Have another one, and we are doing more tutorials on many company logo design tutorials.

We will create a very trendy logo design using a techinque that is used a lot now-a-days. The name of the logo I used was "WEB 2.0" but you should change it with your company name! :)

Setting up the stage

Open a new canvas about 400x340, allow for space to experiment. I added a nice blue fade on the top to add some interesting effect.

Creating the shape

This logo is going to be a popular speech bubble type. To create this effect use the shape tool to create a Rounded Rectangle with a round edge of 5px. Try not to make it too large, because we will be adding some text inside of it later on. When doing company logo design it is important to capture there vision, and make it brandable.

Adding the details to our company logo design

Now, to get the little pointer on the bubble we will use the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Create a new layer above the box. Near the bottom right corner make a triangle. To get the best effect try and make the triangle at a very steep angle. It will look much better as a result.