Web 2.0 Logo #2

Here is another web 2.0 logo design tutorial! Here is another popular style with a shiny box. A good tip with doing web 2.0 designs, and logos is try to keep the shiny/3d/etc effects on one to two elements of the page. Over doing it wont be good for usability and it will make it look very cluttered. There is a general rule to use about one or two shiney elements and leave the rest not so done up. With light shadows here and there to create the realistic effect. Adding subtle drop shadows will give the polished effect, and will make your designs look great. Well, lets get started!

Setting the stage

Open a new canvas of any size really. If you are going to create a very detailed logo the bigger the canvas the better. I just added a nice blue effect on the top just to add some interesting effect.


Most of this logo is typography, most good logos are. There are some really well done graphical logos been done (firefox), but simple typography effects can go a long way! You can use any fonts you have, I used a font I paid for. What I did to position the text is to use the guide lines (rulers) to get it perfect. You can see it in the psd if you download it.

Creating the logo design

Here are the blending effects I did for the rectangle box.