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Video Game Box Article

Welcome to the video game box article, we will be explaining how to make an interesting video game box design. We will cover placement, typography, and a cool 3d reflection. What you will need to do first is make a new canvas around w600 x h250. What I did was make a dark gradient as the background, and used some brushes with different colors and opacity to make an interesting backdrop. You can do whatever you like here, but remember for this design, the more complex the background is the better it is going to look. (In most cases, more grunge, less talk)


Grunge Wall Element

Sometimes when you're working with a client they will ask for some "grunge" and it is your duty to make that grunge happen. Grunge can happen anywhere, but most often it happens on walls! Using a few photoshop brushes this is easier than you may think.

For this tutorial I've decided to go with a style that fit my favorite game at the moment. Gears of War - Yes it is an awesome game. The graphics, and styles of the website are very cool as well. That is what I've tried to capitalize on in this tutorial.