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Making beatiful navigation menus in XHTML is a lot easier than one might think. In 4.01 HTML accomplishing a fairly complex navigation with stripes, roll-over and rounded corners can be rather much. Writing out the code will take at least 5 lines more than XHTML and will have no semantic value. Using XHTML to accomplish a fairly complex navigation is as easy as writing a list. That's right, it only take 5 minutes to cut up, and code. The code looks beatiful, and the end result looks beautiful.


สอนการทำ Splash Page

When you are starting a project its nice to have the domain setup, and get some viral buzz about it. Instead of having a boring splash page, you can have a very cool and interesting splash page. This design may not go with your colors for your site, but its principles can be applied. In this tutorial I will assume you have a basic knowledge of photoshop. I will be using some photoshop brushes, you can find good ones any where on the net, but I found the best ones on



For a blog a banner is usually the only place where one will have some really creative graphical elements. I am going to show you how to create a very cool banner, and how easy it is to do it - with the right tools. Using a few textures, and a few little techniques you can make your boring blog header into something very cool! Blogging is more important to the users, but why not add some cool designs to your blog?


เว็บ 2.0 เว็บไซต์

Web 2.0 under almost all circumstances implies a new web, something better than that last web. It really means new technologies, but web 2.0 is also applied to web design. Todays web 2.0 websites are written in XHTML/CSS, but even without coding in XHTML/CSS you can still make a web 2.0 website template. So, does this mean this is a new web design? Something newer than the old? Not neccessarily.



Sometimes we need to create a very interesting logo for a client looking to look outside of the book. This logo brand is not real this is just for show (King’r is nothing, I think?). We are going to be creating the logo above. It is rather simple, and pretty effective. It has the nice modern look, and is very funky.


เว็บ 2.0 โลโก้ #2

Here is another web 2.0 logo design tutorial! Here is another popular style with a shiny box. A good tip with doing web 2.0 designs, and logos is try to keep the shiny/3d/etc effects on one to two elements of the page. Over doing it wont be good for usability and it will make it look very cluttered. There is a general rule to use about one or two shiney elements and leave the rest not so done up. With light shadows here and there to create the realistic effect. Adding subtle drop shadows will give the polished effect, and will make your designs look great.


เว็บ 2.0 โลโก้

Web 2.0 company logo design is a term you will come across a lot when dealing with clients, and with doing company logo design. They always seem to ask “I want a web 2.0 logo design ” or a design. Web 2.0 is more about technologies (Ajax, ruby, etc etc), but there are some design elements that go under web 2.0. (At least clients seem to think so.) This is the first of a few web 2.0 logo design tutorials for company logo design.



Websites include many elements that the user can interact with. One of the most popular elements are buttons. They get the user to interact with the website.

Using a web 2.0 badge and pill box style button you can create an affective button that will get the user to click on it. Providing support content that will also help get the user to actually click on the button.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a web 2.0 badge and pill box button. Adding effects to make it more appealing, and adding support content.



Welcome to the video game box article, we will be explaining how to make an interesting video game box design. We will cover placement, typography, and a cool 3d reflection. What you will need to do first is make a new canvas around w600 x h250. What I did was make a dark gradient as the background, and used some brushes with different colors and opacity to make an interesting backdrop. You can do whatever you like here, but remember for this design, the more complex the background is the better it is going to look. (In most cases, more grunge, less talk)